R/C Imax Theater

Burkey Construction was the general contractor for the construction of the R/C Theatres, located at 30 N. Second Street, in a community arts and cultural resource center located in downtown Reading.

The 11-screen movie complex, which includes an IMAX auditorium, is the largest movie theatre in Berks County. The 1,700-seat movie complex is equipped with an HPS 4000 sound system with DOLBY digital and 30 digital projection on select screens for 3-D viewing. The facility features a game room, a party room, and a centrally located concession area. The movie theatres feature Tempo aisle lighting and high back rocking chair stadium seating. The IMAX auditorium includes a 70’ wide by 42’ tall wall-to-wall curved screen and 346 stadium seats arranged to provide an unobstructed view for all spectators.

The 42,825 square foot building consists of masonry wall bearing construction and structural steel. The roof consists of metal deck, insulation, and an EPDM roof system. The exterior is painted masonry and EIFS. The 9,366 square foot mezzanine accommodates the projection booths, storage area, employee break room, office areas, and control room.

The front of the building features a canopy that has state-of-the-art “reader boards” which scroll schedules, events, and is capable of projecting movie previews.

Client: R/C Theatres
Architect: TK Architects
Cost: $8,300,000
Burkey’s Role: General Contractor
Scope: Construction of 11-Screen Theatre