Burkey Construction served as Construction Manager for the City of Reading’s renovation to the Pagoda. The work included replacing the exterior higher energy neon lights with low wattage light emitting diodes (LED), repainting the exterior, selective repair of roof tiles, re-gilding the decorative fish at the roof and the lion heads at the corners, recoating the anti-graffiti surface on the masonry, and installing new handrails to meet code.

The interior renovations included painting and staining the first, second, and sixth floors as well as the entire interior stair. Also included is updating the heating and cooling system, exit lighting, fire alarm system to meet code, and selective replacement of interior lighting.

The project received the “Award of Merit” from the AIA Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter.

Client: City of Reading
Architect: Kautter & Kelley Architects
Cost: $1,230,000
Burkey’s Role: Agency Construction Manager